Sunday, February 27, 2011

So, been a little busy.

To help explain the not-as-recent updates lately:  I get in modes.  I do one kind of thing, I want to keep doing that kind of thing, until all those kinds of things are done.  I don't like shifting gears all day.  So, here's the thing.  I just sold my old laptop, and Acer 521, because I bought a new laptop, an Acer 522.  It's 1 point better!  ...but I kid.  Really it's better, it's got a newer generation of processor, 2(?) generations better GPU, etc etc.  Mono sound and no BT though, ouch.  (#protip - for good articles, just keep linking to Cracked, TVTropes, and xkcd comics.)  Anyways, I was in Upgrade Mode, so I got new phones, with a different OS, on a different network; I got a new RAID NAS (to replace my old RAID NAS, naturally,) and while I was at it, a new SSD, more RAM, a 64-bit OS (to take advantage of the RAM) and (of course!) a BT card for the new laptop.  So what with all the rebooting, reinstalling, upgrading, copying over, buying and selling, and etcetera-ing, I've been busy.  It'd be easier (and cheaper) if I was into laptops over 10", but I'm really not comfortable with anything bigger.  Right now, I've tried to put together the most top-of-the-line 10" notebook I could, but we'll have to wait on the benchmarks to see.  I should have results in a week or two, but until then, you can all check out this funny photo I took.

You can really taste the savings.

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