Sunday, February 27, 2011

So, been a little busy.

To help explain the not-as-recent updates lately:  I get in modes.  I do one kind of thing, I want to keep doing that kind of thing, until all those kinds of things are done.  I don't like shifting gears all day.  So, here's the thing.  I just sold my old laptop, and Acer 521, because I bought a new laptop, an Acer 522.  It's 1 point better!  ...but I kid.  Really it's better, it's got a newer generation of processor, 2(?) generations better GPU, etc etc.  Mono sound and no BT though, ouch.  (#protip - for good articles, just keep linking to Cracked, TVTropes, and xkcd comics.)  Anyways, I was in Upgrade Mode, so I got new phones, with a different OS, on a different network; I got a new RAID NAS (to replace my old RAID NAS, naturally,) and while I was at it, a new SSD, more RAM, a 64-bit OS (to take advantage of the RAM) and (of course!) a BT card for the new laptop.  So what with all the rebooting, reinstalling, upgrading, copying over, buying and selling, and etcetera-ing, I've been busy.  It'd be easier (and cheaper) if I was into laptops over 10", but I'm really not comfortable with anything bigger.  Right now, I've tried to put together the most top-of-the-line 10" notebook I could, but we'll have to wait on the benchmarks to see.  I should have results in a week or two, but until then, you can all check out this funny photo I took.

You can really taste the savings.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Links page

Hosting issues for links page, might intermittently be down, sorry.  Working on it.

Update:  Seems OK now.  YMMV.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shelob's Lair

Went to my patio storage last night.  I saw a huge spider.  Shown below is the difference between how big it actually was, and how big it looked.  #amirite

Oh hi.  Just spiderin' it up over here.

That's no moon.

Links are up! Also a challenge.

These are not the links.

OK, I finally got my links page up.  Every blog needs links #amirite so I put up an online version of what is basically my local browser start-page.  It's a huge graphical collection of most of my daily go-to news, comics, forums, /img/boards, whatever.  There are no RickRolls, guaranteed.  I'm working on some kind of simple about me page too, but I need to get some photos taken and whatnot.  This post also includes a challenge, that of going to my links page and seeing how many sites you can identify before clicking through to them.  There are quite a number of VERY obvious gimmes, a fair number you should be able to puzzle out, and some you'll just have to guess on.  HOWEVER.  If you can identify over half, you win your own Internet to carry with you, because you spend way too much time at home on the computer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OH SNAP another dream.

I'm getting this tour of some all-girls Japanese martial arts school.  Classic manga, people flying everywhere, huge crashes.  They have one extra room that's just full of huge fireworks.  Huh?  Also there's a cherub hanging around.  He's got a real deep raspy voice.  He's trying to get me interested in his screenplay but it's only like three pages long.  He tells me that when he dies the universe will explode.  #WTF

Monday, February 14, 2011

I made you these.

Last minute on V-Day.  Forgot a card?  Easy!  Just print these, cut and fold.  Instant romance!  Wink.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I actually had this dream.

Ok, this dream is in two parts.  And yes, I drew these with Paint, on a netbook trackpad.  First, I'm sitting at a cafeteria table I guess, across from two friends.  We're all just sitting there eating.  Both of them have two glowing folder icons floating above their chests, one green 'Yes' folder and one red 'No' folder.  One friend has the 'Yes' icon lit, with the 'No' folder dimmed, and the other friend has the opposite.  End of dream.  (Yeah I know.  Why the icons?  Why the Yes/No?  They're mysteries.)

The next part, I'm in a world like ours, but aliens have taken over everything.  Not much has changed though, everything still pretty much works the same, it's just there's an extra layer of red tape at the top, sort of like an alien UN.  Basically they're bureaucrats, the CEOs of Earth.  Anyways, I'm sitting around at some offices I guess, on break with a couple other guys, and we're talking about some of our best dreams, but whenever one of the other guys tries to tell his dream, I keep loudly interrupting to remind them of my Yes/No-folder-icons dream I had earlier that night, and how much better than their dreams it was.  End of dream.

Push button for SCIENCE

I keep pushing it but nothing science-y is happening.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alert coffee pot is alert

Coffee pot, you've had enough.  I'm cutting you off for today.

Challenge of the week

This fun meal-time game is based off one originally from Penn and Teller but I've opened up the rules a bit and added variations.  In fact, some of you have probably played this already at some point in some form or another.  There's no real name for it, unless you want to call it The Meal Game (can't call it The Dinner Game, that's taken) or maybe The Messing With Your Friends And Family Game.

Here's how to play.  Next time you're eating a meal at a table with someone (friend, family... stranger?) try to do one (or more!) of the following, when they're not looking, and get away with it.

1. Steal one food item.
2. Insert an extra food item.
3. Steal one item of cutlery.
4. Steal one napkin.
5. Move one item (cutlery, glass, napkin etc.) from one side of their place setting to the other.
6. Come up with your own.

If they notice, or say anything, or act puzzled, act distracted and disinterested.  More points the more you can get away with.  You absolutely cannot laugh or otherwise give it away.  This can be extra fun if you get more than one person in on it and gang up on one person.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I do not require that much money back.

Good sitcom idea, or best sitcom idea ever?

This is an idea I've been kicking around a few years.  Setting: an Earth where superpowers are commonplace.  Characters: two roommates, one a superhero, the other a supervillain.  They probably were best buds growing up, but then eventually one joined the good side and one joined the bad side, only you know, they're still friends AND OH YEAH ROOMMATES!!  They have to keep their roommate-status secret from their teams, and they're always having to jump through comedic hoops to avoid direct confrontations.  I mean, sure they're on opposite sides, but they don't really want to fight each other.  Hilarity ensues.  Call it "Frenemies" or "Living With The Enemy" or "Best Enemies" or something corny like that, and slap it right in the middle of Fox's Sunday-night lineup.  Somebody get Joss Whedon on this one ASAP!  #amirite

Bonus challenge:  Name an existing hero and villain (movies, comics, whatever) that would make the best or most hilarious roommate-matchup.  Extra Internet Points for shooping a good image together.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Something doesn't look right here.

I was in the kitchen eating Cheetos with chopsticks out of a bowl.  My older son walks in.  He says "Something doesn't look right here."  I say "What?  Me eating Cheetos out of a bowl with chopsticks?"  He says "Yeah.  You should be eating those with a fork, on a plate."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Challenge of the week

Challenge of the week for everyone.

1.  Buy a ridiculous hat, mask or costume.  Try and mix-and-match unrelated stuff- gorilla with over-sized sunglasses, robot with huge mustache, wig and huge tie, etc. (Must not significantly restrict vision.)

2.  Keep it in the car.  Any time you drive anywhere, put it on.  Take it off when you get where you're going.  (Make sure to keep a straight face and act normally.  You'll get lots of honks and hand gestures, just ignore them.)

3.  Hilarity ensues.  (Watch out for distracted drivers swerving into you, though.)  Continue for one year or more (optional.)

If you take it on, post up a photo of your getup.


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