Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OH SNAP another dream.

I'm getting this tour of some all-girls Japanese martial arts school.  Classic manga, people flying everywhere, huge crashes.  They have one extra room that's just full of huge fireworks.  Huh?  Also there's a cherub hanging around.  He's got a real deep raspy voice.  He's trying to get me interested in his screenplay but it's only like three pages long.  He tells me that when he dies the universe will explode.  #WTF


  1. Hey Crash,

    I saw yer post on TF (www.torrentfreak.com) and happy you like the idea...

    "Liked. Crowd-sourced political IT ftw."

    hopefully one day it WILL be ftw!

    www.opensourceg.com is the domain i invested in for such a cause....

    welcome to pick up a sword and help! :)
    please check out open vote in there, a nice read.

    just dreams on there and you got a better site then me, but i'd love your help on this quest. Mordor is a long way and this hobbit needs bodyguards....lol. Axe, bow, sword, all welcome. lol

    Live for the swarm!

  2. Haha, nice idea! I was just kidding around but it's a brilliant idea. I suppose technically, a lot of our governments are intended to be interpreted as open-sourced, what with the voting and everything, but (just like with software huh?) seems like for-profit interests mess it up all down the line. I'm definitely checking out the site, thanks.