Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good sitcom idea, or best sitcom idea ever?

This is an idea I've been kicking around a few years.  Setting: an Earth where superpowers are commonplace.  Characters: two roommates, one a superhero, the other a supervillain.  They probably were best buds growing up, but then eventually one joined the good side and one joined the bad side, only you know, they're still friends AND OH YEAH ROOMMATES!!  They have to keep their roommate-status secret from their teams, and they're always having to jump through comedic hoops to avoid direct confrontations.  I mean, sure they're on opposite sides, but they don't really want to fight each other.  Hilarity ensues.  Call it "Frenemies" or "Living With The Enemy" or "Best Enemies" or something corny like that, and slap it right in the middle of Fox's Sunday-night lineup.  Somebody get Joss Whedon on this one ASAP!  #amirite

Bonus challenge:  Name an existing hero and villain (movies, comics, whatever) that would make the best or most hilarious roommate-matchup.  Extra Internet Points for shooping a good image together.

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