Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Challenge of the week

This fun meal-time game is based off one originally from Penn and Teller but I've opened up the rules a bit and added variations.  In fact, some of you have probably played this already at some point in some form or another.  There's no real name for it, unless you want to call it The Meal Game (can't call it The Dinner Game, that's taken) or maybe The Messing With Your Friends And Family Game.

Here's how to play.  Next time you're eating a meal at a table with someone (friend, family... stranger?) try to do one (or more!) of the following, when they're not looking, and get away with it.

1. Steal one food item.
2. Insert an extra food item.
3. Steal one item of cutlery.
4. Steal one napkin.
5. Move one item (cutlery, glass, napkin etc.) from one side of their place setting to the other.
6. Come up with your own.

If they notice, or say anything, or act puzzled, act distracted and disinterested.  More points the more you can get away with.  You absolutely cannot laugh or otherwise give it away.  This can be extra fun if you get more than one person in on it and gang up on one person.

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