Friday, February 11, 2011

I actually had this dream.

Ok, this dream is in two parts.  And yes, I drew these with Paint, on a netbook trackpad.  First, I'm sitting at a cafeteria table I guess, across from two friends.  We're all just sitting there eating.  Both of them have two glowing folder icons floating above their chests, one green 'Yes' folder and one red 'No' folder.  One friend has the 'Yes' icon lit, with the 'No' folder dimmed, and the other friend has the opposite.  End of dream.  (Yeah I know.  Why the icons?  Why the Yes/No?  They're mysteries.)

The next part, I'm in a world like ours, but aliens have taken over everything.  Not much has changed though, everything still pretty much works the same, it's just there's an extra layer of red tape at the top, sort of like an alien UN.  Basically they're bureaucrats, the CEOs of Earth.  Anyways, I'm sitting around at some offices I guess, on break with a couple other guys, and we're talking about some of our best dreams, but whenever one of the other guys tries to tell his dream, I keep loudly interrupting to remind them of my Yes/No-folder-icons dream I had earlier that night, and how much better than their dreams it was.  End of dream.

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