Friday, August 19, 2011

My "workspace"

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect laptop bag, you know? One that holds *just* the right amount of stuff *just* the right way, with *just* enough extra room for whatever. This one's not bad, it's a carrying case for a PS2 Slim. It's just about the right size for my 10" netbook and my small Wacom Bamboo, plus misc. and sundry accessories. I scored it at a Goodwill for $8 I think, and when I got it home I found a COA for Windows XP MCE inside, pretty cool! I used the COA to upgrade my net-top at home from XP Home.

Anyways, this is all the stuff I manage to fit inside and carry around every day for "working" (browsing, drawing, gaming, etc.) See if you can name them all!

Hey, that's me!

They finally went and put me on a note pad!

I'll call it... the "crash pad"

The Room: Calculator Edition

My adaptation of Tommy Wiseau's The Room onto a calculator.

oh hi, calculator

Monday, August 8, 2011


SO.  When I first set up my blog(s) I really didn't know much about what I'd be doing.  Now that a couple months have passed and I'm so much older and wiser and something something etc., I'm kind of focusing more on drawing and less on whatever this one is for, and not at all on my writing blog and art project blog and whatever.  I guess I'm kind of going to leave this one up, but I'll probably mostly forget about it and most of the action will be over on my Tumblr.  I did have fun setting this one up and kind of figuring things out and writing stuff and putting up photos, so there's that.  I even got one dude following me!  Hi, dude!  I'm waving at you!  I might still post stuff here, who knows.  Anyways just letting everybody(?) know.