Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Links are up! Also a challenge.

These are not the links.

OK, I finally got my links page up.  Every blog needs links #amirite so I put up an online version of what is basically my local browser start-page.  It's a huge graphical collection of most of my daily go-to news, comics, forums, /img/boards, whatever.  There are no RickRolls, guaranteed.  I'm working on some kind of simple about me page too, but I need to get some photos taken and whatnot.  This post also includes a challenge, that of going to my links page and seeing how many sites you can identify before clicking through to them.  There are quite a number of VERY obvious gimmes, a fair number you should be able to puzzle out, and some you'll just have to guess on.  HOWEVER.  If you can identify over half, you win your own Internet to carry with you, because you spend way too much time at home on the computer.

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