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Comedy Defined

Over on Twitter the other day, John Martz observed Comedy = Tragedy + Fart.  Is he right?  What do YOU, THE VIEWER think?


Dept of Corrections (pt 3)

People are just messing stuff up left and right, oh well!  More work for me.  This time, it's about Valve's Portal 2 Three Turret Moon shirt.  It's a play off the notorious three-wolf moon shirt on Amazon.  Kiala was talking about the Valve one over on Twitter the other day, and after thinking about it for a bit, I decided the originals weren't "space-y" enough.  Et voila, another crashterpiece™.

the original
Valve's version
with 100% more SPAAAACE
I punched up the original for good measure

Dept of Corrections (pt 2)

I've been busy editing Guy's comics over on Twitpic.

this is how my brain works