Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Acer 522 Benchmarks, round 1

Just before hijinks commenced, I did finally get those benchmarks I was promising, but as the computer's been non-operative I hadn't gotten them up.

"Hello, IT?  Yeah, I did that too, it's still not working."

I was originally going to try a variety of benchmark programs, but interestingly(?) I couldn't get some of them to run or install, even after fiddling with permissions, compatibility modes, etc.  Unigine Heaven 2.1 wouldn't install, Game Mark wouldn't run, and PCMark Vantage was a no-go as well.  (I wasn't sure it would work anyways but thought I'd give it a go.)  That leaves CrystalMark, 3DMark11, and FPS testing (in Portal) with Fraps.  I also did some tests on time for bootup, shutdown, hibernate, and wake, plus loading of Portal.  Why Portal?  Because it's awesome, that's why.  The one thing I'm *not* doing is specific benchmarks on just the hard drive, as I'm not really concerned about swinging my huge 'numbers' (numbers=genitals) around the Internets, but more about improvement in usage in general day-to-day usage.  I also ran all tests with MSE 2.0 and a firewall running, plus VirtualCloneDrive, as I wanted real-world numbers, and I'm not going to go shut down these things every time I want to run a game or whatever.


Windows Performance Index numbers.  What do people really think about these anyways?  The processor score is pretty low, as is to be expected, but otherwise not bad, even with stock 1GB of RAM.  (With W7x64, 4GB RAM and SSD I expect most of these will shoot up considerably.)

WPI - 2.8
Processor - 2.8
RAM - 3.9
Graphics - 4.2
Gaming graphics - 5.5
Primary hard disk - 5.5

Next, 3DMark11.  Pretty punishing for a stock AO522, framerates were in the 0-to-2 range throughout all tests.  I did the basic and Performance tests, but it seemed silly to attemt the high-end test.  Results are not fantastic but still better than pretty much any other 10" netbook out there.

3DMark11 - P189, E269.

Then, CrystalMark.  Again, not too concerned with specifics, more just the overall feeling of the machine, so no breakdown here, just the final tally.

CrystalMark - 34372

Timed tests.  These were all averaged over three runs.  I had one or two bootup/shutdown tests I threw out the times for as they were outliers that I figured had to do with one-time startup/shutdown stuff Windows was doing in the background.

Boot time to post to desktop - 0:56
Shutdown time - 0:23
Hibernate time - 0:18
Wake from hibernate - 0:23

Portal tests.  I picked Portal as I figured it's pretty representative of the level of game people will want to run on this type of system.  It's a bit scalable, has some fancy effects, etc but isn't too punishing.  Plus, you know, think of the possibilities.  The Fraps wandered a bit, except when a portal was in view, so I differentiated those scores below.

Portal load time - 0:50
Fraps range, no portal visible - 35-65
Fraps, portal visible - ~25

So there you go, round one down.  Probably a couple weeks now until I can get the 'after' benchmarks up, as I've got to wait on return shipping, delivery, installation, etc.  Don't worry though, it'll be awesome.

Also, rub the USB  ports with cheetah blood.

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