Tuesday, March 15, 2011

99 problems

I'd almost forgot how fun upgrading hardware was, and by fun, I mean a hellish agony of torment.  The main reason (other than laziness) for not updating in a week or whatever?  All that new hardware I was throwing at my new netbook?  Turns out everybody didn't all get along so well in there.  First, there was the RAM.  Turns out I got high-density, the laptop only takes low-density.  Seriously?  I didn't realize that was still an issue.  So, Craigslist that one and order a new one.  Next up: the SSD from OCZ.  OK, so benchmark-wise they're about the fastest.  At least, they were, until they changed the manufacturing process without really telling anyone that now they're slower and die more.  So, return to Amazon and order the Intel one instead, almost as good for a few bucks more, but they don't die out of the box.  As did mine.  On the plus side, the BT/WiFi combo works with stock drivers.  Oh yeah, and I kept the awesome sticker when I packed the SSD back into the box.  Consider it my fee for half-a-week's wasted evenings troubleshooting bad hardware.

Take that, you sticker-less bastards.

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